And a Nightingale Sang | Everyman Theatre

[Norman] is a difficult role to pull off, and this fine young actor does so with brilliance.


“Nightingale” Sings at Everyman

– Reviewed by James Howard Broadway World

“Last Friday night marked the opening of C.P Taylor’s WWII comedy/drama And a Nightingale Sang at Everyman Theatre. Truth be told, every play this season at Everyman has been of the utmost quality (Opus and School for Scandal come readily to mind), but this production may be the best thing I’ve seen there in years. Forgive me, please, if I repeat adjectives or sound like a thesaurus. There are only so many synonyms for “excellent.”

Norman, played with nuance and passion by Clinton Brandhagen – is every girl’s dream and every father’s greatest wish – a good guy. Mr. Brandhagen’s heartfelt performance is punctuated with soulful eyes and an endearing delivery of lines. Any man who is so blinded by love so as to overlook any and all of Helen’s flaws is ok in our book, which makes some of his act two revelations both shocking and yet completely understandable. It is a difficult role to pull off, and this fine young actor does so with brilliance.”

Funny feeling as the Nightingale Sang

Dan Collins | Washington Examiner

“One thing people aren’t is predictable, as Helen learns as she falls for Norman (Clinton Brandhagen), “The Tailor’s Dummy.” Their romance is textbook bittersweet, and their moments on stage kept the audience riveted.”