All My Sons | Everyman Theatre

All My Sons | Everyman Theatre

Joe Keller strives for the American Dream, but two years after WWII’s end, his family still suffers from the aftershocks.  When Chris, the elder son, announces his plan to marry his missing-in-action brother’s fiancee, chaos is unleashed.  A mother must confront her denial, a son his father’s fallibility, and a father his choices.  Arthur Miller’s powerful story about personal responsibility won the 1947 Tony Award for Best Play and catapulted him among the ranks of America’s greatest playwrights.


Everyman Theatre offers compelling revival of Arthur Miller’s ‘All My Sons’ | Tim Smith | Baltimore Sun

“As Chris, the son who came back from the war and joined his father’s business, Clinton Brandhagen reveals admirable scope. His eyes have much to say, too; behind them can be read the gnawing concern that he may be standing, like his father, on sand. And when the elusive truth hits Chris right between those eyes, Brandhagen registers the impact with a terrific intensity that generates an unnerving force onstage…

This season, Everyman celebrates its 20th year. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of patrons rank the affecting revival of “All My Sons” among the best efforts of those two decades. The production reminds you why you love theater, reconfirms what an involving and haunting art form it is — and how a first-rate company can make it doubly so.”

All My Sons | J. Wynn Rousuck | WYPR

“Riveting production…realized with eye opening freshness by Everyman’s finely tuned cast”

Another Arthur Miller play wanders through the minefield of the nuclear family | Baltimore City Paper

All these Ohioans try their best to be nice, and you can see how much it pains them when they are goaded into angry shouts and even hard shoves. These are always followed by a stunned moment of surprise and a clumsy attempt to recover their usual good manners. And it’s because these actors appear so reluctant to lose their tempers that it feels so genuine when they do.