Shakespeare & the Classics
Much Ado About Nothing Benedick Nevada Conservatory Theatre
The Beaux’ Stratagem Sullen Everyman Theatre*
School for Scandal Charles Surface The Folger Shakespeare Theatre
The Comedy of Errors Both Antipholus Twins The Folger Shakespeare Theatre
Romeo and Juliet Gregory (Fight Capt.) The Shakespeare Theater
Macbett Banco Washington Shakespeare Co.
Love’s Labour’s Lost Navarre Washington Shakespeare Co.
Romeo and Juliet (nat'l tour) Romeo American Shakespeare Center
Macbeth (nat'l tour) Malcolm American Shakespeare Center
The Knight of the Burning Pestle (nat'l tour) Rafe American Shakespeare Center
Richard II (nat'l tour) Mowbray/Harry Percy American Shakespeare Center
Much Ado About Nothing (nat'l tour) Claudio American Shakespeare Center
Dr. Faustus (nat'l tour) Wagner American Shakespeare Center
Merchant of Venice (nat'l tour) Lorenzo/Arragon American Shakespeare Center
Taming of the Shrew (nat'l tour) Gremio American Shakespeare Center


Southern Methodist University, Meadows School for the Arts
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Michael Lugering, Robert Brewer, Dale Moffitt, Sheriden Thomas, Michael S. Tick

Tyne Turner, Michael Lugering, Gary Logan (RP, Welsh, Irish, Boston, NY, Southern American, Canadian, others)
Stage Combat/Movement
Bill Lengfelder (Combat), Brad Waller (Combat), David Leong (Combat), Bruce Lecure (Combat), Lewis Shaw (Combat), Will Bond (Suzuki)